Camille Grossi, Graphic Designer, Bridal Show


I am the Designer and Founder of Impress, specializing in custom invitations and event branding.  

I believe that if you shake up the right font with a splash of color, a few bold elements and add a twist of personality you can make an impression.  My job is to create the essentials you need for a cohesively branded event that will leave your guests impressed.  Whether it’s the party you host, the wedding you plan or the business you start, I want to make it unforgettable.  I know that with my enthusiasm and eye for powerful graphics and fun products, we can create the one-of-a-kind spectacular event you’ve been longing for!

I was born and raised in Brecksville, Ohio, and received a BFA in Interior Design from Miami University in 2012 (love & honor!).  After graduating I moved back to Cleveland and have been loving every second of the transformation!  I was an interior designer at a local architecture firm for 2+ years and spent all of my free time wedding coordinating, event branding and designing of graphic materials for various occasions on the side.  I realized my true passion was in the graphic and branding side of design and started developing my business.  The rest was history.  It was then that I made a leap, left the architecture industry and took my love for design, events and branding to create IMPRESS.  

So enough about me, lets get to impressing. 

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